7 Reasons Nigerian Youths Are Highly Desperate For White Collar Jobs


There are a great number of Nigerian graduates out there, still seeking white collar jobs (WCJs), despite the fact that their arrow has not hit the target, which is the job of their dream.

Frankly speaking, these youths have a share of the blame, as well as the Nigerian society.

Youths are disinterested in trying their hands on new things. Some of them still want to be spoon-feed.Nigerian graduates are seriously becoming frustrated everyday.

They are doing all sorts of things to secure WCJs. They put forward several reasons why they want WCJs.

Lets take a look at these reasons why the graduates still cling their hope on WCJs.

1.Employability is based on Certificate:The Nigerian educational system is tailored around having an academic qualification. There is hardly any employer that ask a job seeker if he has practical skills.

2.Youths are not innovative:A good number of Nigerian graduates suffer from mental-laziness. They see it as degrading to their status if they take up unskilled profession. They cannot think outside the box.

3.Luxury:The fantasies that surround WCJs make the youths salivate for these jobs. They seetop bankers and doctors in expensive suits and porsche vehicles. They believe that the only way to getting such luxury is to take up WCJs.

4.Respect given by society:The Nigerian society does not help matters. People value someone if he says he works in an organisation or a company, even if his salary is a peanut.

5.Financial package:When graduates hear the huge remuneration of oil and telecommunication companies, they do not think of anything else than a passion to have these jobs.

6.Background:Some parents always insist that their children will do no other job than WCJs, even if such children have stayed at home for donkey years after graduation.

7.Unfavourable economy:The poor living standards in Nigeria, where poverty is the order of the day is not helping issues. There is hardly any opportunity for an alternative. There are no available channels for youths to secure collateral-free loans to start a business. As all these arenon-extant, they continue searching for WCJs.

Culled from http://www.nairaland.com/2448985/7-reasons-nigerian-youth-highly


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