7 Obvious Signs Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You


Oh dear. Love is blind, so they say. A good, stable relationship requires trust and faithfulness. Trust in each other and trust in yourself. Being faithful to each other is also one of the most important things in a good relationship. Cheating on the one you “love” is never a good thing but being cheated on may even be a harrowing experience as you deal with the ultimate betrayal.

If you’re starting to notice something different about your significant other, and we mean different in a suspicious way, it is probably time to confront and perhaps leave the relationship. Hopefully your significant others aren’t doing this horrible act but if they are, don’t look the other way anymore. Talking to them about this may not work as cheating partners tend to be compulsive liars so it is tough to believe what they say.

Before we delve into the 7 signs that your significant other is cheating, we would like to warn that every situation is different and just because they are doing one or two of the things listed below, does not mean they are cheating on you.

1. The Surprisingly Very Private Phone Calls

Unless you know your partner likes their privacy or doesn’t want work matters to get in the way of your quality time then it is good to know that a cheating significant other is usually very protective of their incoming phone calls. Look out for phone calls in the ungodly hours of the morning. Ungodly hour phone calls usually mean something bad, especially if your significant other tells you stay put when they leave the room to answer it.

With all this said, it is possible that your partner is planning a surprise for you or for the both of you so before jumping to conclusions, remember that it is possible that it is nothing to worry about.

2. Their Social Media Accounts

While your significant other could either set every post on their facebook account or their twitter profile private, they can’t really control the people who would often comment on their posts or tweet them. Try taking a look at their accounts every now and then to see who they have been keeping in touch with or who would often comment or tweet them.

A cheating significant other may not make it so obvious on their social media accounts, but just from the comments or likes or constant tweets from others alone, you may be able to tell and you might even have a good idea who it is if your suspicions are correct.

3. Their Distant Behaviour

When your significant other all of a sudden becomes “too busy” to be in the relationship or they are no longer the overly-sweet type of person that you fell in love with, it is possible that something is going on.  Unless your significant other is just that busy of a person, having such behaviour can be fishy. If they can’t seem to make eye contact with you, or if they take an unusually long time to respond to your text messages, calls and emails, or if they don’t seem to want to be affectionate with you at all, then there is a chance that something else is happening while you’re not looking.

Basically, if they are not being affectionate with you, they are being affectionate with someone else, somewhere else. Couples show affection for one another, that’s the general way of being in a relationship. If they don’t seem to be doing this, then it’s time for you two to talk and for you to look out.

Again, it is important to note that stress can diminish the libido and make your partner feel distant, so if they are stressed at work or anything else, it may just be that and not necessarily a sign that they are cheating on you.

4. No Sex/Bad Sex

Sex is a healthy human activity, especially for couples. It is one of the things you two need in a good and healthy relationship. But if you two are not getting it on between the sheets at all or if they are not performing the way they used to or supposed to, then there is a possibility that your significant other is getting it elsewhere.

It is very hard to fake something such as emotions when it comes to bedroom activities, so if your significant other is interacting with you very, and we mean very, differently when it comes to sex, it might be time to start talking to them.

5. Credit Card Statements

If your significant other has credit cards, and most likely they do, take a look at their credit card statements. A cheating significant other would probably have some purchases at places in which you two didn’t go to or on things which they normally don’t do, like clothing stores for the opposite sex or for kids that aren’t aren’t yours or random cash withdrawals.

You could also look at the dates in which those purchases were made, and recall if your significant other has said they had work or went out on a business trip on those dates as well.

6. They Get Paranoid

Again, like in numbers 1 and 2, unless your significant other values their privacy or have tight schedules from the very beginning of your relationship, you will be able to notice changes in the way they use their phones or computers. Changes such as their web browser history being cleared out right before you use it, or their text message inbox and call history being cleared out as well. Even just going out of the room while carrying their phones can be suspicious behaviour.

Make sure to look out for these changes.

7. When They Start Caring About Their Looks


It’s not bad to get dressed up and look amazing, however, when you know your significant other isn’t the type to dress up then it may be time to ask why the sudden shift in personality. Change doesn’t happen overnight, people who want to look good gradually get into the process of caring about their looks.

If your partner all of a sudden becomes obsessed with their appearance then it could be a bad sign. A cheating significant other starts paying attention to their looks more and more all at once, buying new clothes, new things for themselves, heck, even getting a new haircut and investing in some skincare or hair products.


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