7 Apps You Didn’t Know Exist


Have you ever got stuck doing something and then yelled out in exasperation that there should be an app for doing that? Well, believe it or not, there are actually apps for almost everything we do in today’s world. The app world is the most booming industry right now and app developers are building apps left and right. Pretty soon we might have an app that gives us food from our screen. Well, we may have to wait a bit longer for that but let us find out the top 7 useful apps that are available right now.

1. My Fitness Pal

If you are working out and need to keep your calories in check then try out this app. It has a list of all food entries in it and can give you the approximate number of calories you are intaking and burning during workout sessions.

2. CamScanner


This is a very useful app right here. You can now take a picture of a document and it will immediately turn into a pdf file which you can later on export elsewhere. This is very useful because often we see news and leaflets being posted on noticeboards and we need the pdf file to let others know. This is a brilliant app which is very hassle free and can get the job done in seconds.

3. Out Of Milk


Finally an app that has to do with household work. This is a great shopping app that lets you list the name of products that are constantly needed. Things like milk, cereal and so on. The app then searches for stores all around you and give out the names of stores with the best prices and discount offers. It also helps you find coupons for use. You can even create a list in the app and check out when the item runs out. The best part is all your family members can share the same account so you can sync with each other when buying the product to avoid a double purchase.


4. Photomap


This is the perfect app for students who despise math. There must have been a countless number of times when you have been frustrated by math and ended up throwing stuff. Well, Photomap is here to solve your problem, literally. You take a picture of your math problem and the app will give you the results. For a small price, you can get all the steps as well. Given how math drives all of us crazy, you wouldn’t mind paying the fee.


5. I Cant Wake Up

Wake Up

Are you the type of person who cannot get up from sleep early enough for work? Maybe you have tried setting an alarm but you always end up snoozing it and be late anyway. For that kind of person “I Cant Wake Up” is the perfect alarm. This is your everyday use alarm with a bit of twist. You can’t hit the snooze button until and unless you solve a puzzle. And we all know solving puzzles require time and concentration thereby you are wide awake by the time you finish it. It is perfect for people always oversleeping.


6. Tunity


Have you ever sat in a bar during a local game or something but you can’t hear the audio because the people are either cheering too loudly or there is just too much noise to hear anything? Well for those situations, yes there is an app for that too, you should consider Tunity. All you have to do is scan the image on the TV while it is muted. The app will locate the channel and play the audio via your phone. So now you have your image just like everyone else but with the added audio coming from your phone. Pretty cool eh?


7. Flush


How many times have you been stuck in a public place or an unknown place and desperately needed to use the washroom? Sometimes we feel too embarrassed to even ask people where the washroom is. For that kind of situations, Flush is your life savior. Yes, there is an app which helps you find out the location of the nearest bathrooms depending on where you are. So now onwards you can easily find a toilet whenever you are in trouble.



Source: CuriousMob


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