6 Natural Herbs That Help You Fall Asleep Instantly

3 month old baby sleeping on blue blanket with stars

Our incredibly wise co-founder Hillary Kerr once told me that she never gets groceries or runs any other mundane errand without makeup on, in the off chance she may run into an ex or nemesis and not look her absolute best. This is sage advice I’ve taken to heart, as someone who has experienced the disastrous and very real effects of Murphy’s law—the good ol’ adage that what can go wrong will go wrong.

Case in point: sleep. I am what some may call a seasoned sleeper. I do it often and do it well. It comes naturally to me like sushi-making comes to Jiro, like politeness comes to the cast of The Great British Bake Off. Some people have actual talents, and I count sleep as one of mine. As long as it’s dark and quiet, and I can lie down horizontally, I can fall asleep fairly easily and echo Gwyneth Paltrow in proclaiming that my least favourite part of each day is waking up in the morning. Except, of course, when I need it the most.

Let’s say I have an early morning flight or an important meeting at work first thing in the morning. Sleep—usually always there for me, welcoming me with its warm and tender embrace—suddenly eludes me. It plays the game like a pro, and I’m a fool for its wiles. So what’s a sleep-deprived girl to do? Oh, that’s right—science.

Beyond melatonin (the supplement most commonly associated with sleep), there are plenty of natural herbs out there that are scientifically proven to help you stop tossing and turning and start dreaming of Brad and Angelina’s reconciliation (#stillreeling). Whether you struggle with sleep on a nightly basis or just find that it eludes you at the worst possible moment, like I do, there’s an option for you ahead. See ya, insomnia. Keep scrolling for natural herbs proven to help you fall asleep!


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