5 Mistakes that can ruin a trip to Jalingo


Everyone makes mistakes. C’est la vie. However, sometimes, the smallest slip-up can be magnified so much that you find yourself crouched in a fetal position in the corner, wishing you never made an attempt in the first place, especially when it has to do with a failed trip or holiday adventure.

If you live in other parts of Nigeria, you will know that travelling to northern states like Jalingo – the capital city of Taraba State – can be very tasking and as such require extra precaution. Truth is, even the dreamiest of trips can go off the rails, however, with a little insider know-how, you can avoid making the mistakes that can ruin your entire trip.

To keep you in the loop and save you from letting a simple blunder deny you the thrill of discovering and savoring the enduring town called Jalingo, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 Online Hotel booking Portal reveals 5 common mistakes to look out for to avoid ruining your trip.

Forgetting to confirm your hotel reservation

Luggage? Check. Tickets? Check. Hotels confirmed? Uhmm…No?

There are some cities in the country where you can take a quick trip to without making prior reservations and you would still have a smooth journey without hassles, Jalingo isn’t one of those places.

The city is not as urban as its position as capital of a state would suggest and there are just a handful of properly registered hotels to pick from. Ensure you do a quick email or phone call to confirm your accommodation is booked as planned before setting out. If not, you may find yourself stranded on the not-so-busy streets of Jalingo, trying to secure the last room at a hotel or worse, an inn.

Losing your Luggage

Most callers visit Jalingo via road, as it is cheaper and basically easier. This is however not a guarantee that you will not lose your luggage.

Bag’s are not only lost at the airport; they can also go missing at the bus stop, train station, or shuttle from the terminal to your hotel. This mistake is way too easy to make as we instinctively put our bags on the seat next to us or on the floor close to our legs and sometimes forget them.

Losing your luggage can be as excruciating as it is frustrating, especially if you have your essentials in them, or it is your first time in the city and you do not know your whereabouts as well as the procedures for handling the situation. Next time you hop out of the bus or train, do a quick double check to make sure you have taken all of your belongings as losing your luggage, can be a major hassle.

Deviating from the travel plan

Itineraries are created for a reason: order and sequence.

A good travel plan ensures that you develop the best way to efficiently maximize your time and achieve higher productivity during the visit. The perfect plan somehow keeps you on track so you get to see and do everything you want, with enough commuting time to spare.

Once you swerve from the plan, by forgetting to actually check the itinerary or caving in to a request by a travel partner to see something that is too far away, you can end up in a logistical nightmare and that is sure to ruin your plan.

Eating everything

One of the exciting aspects of touring a new place is trying out new meals and delicacies, however, while exploring local gastronomic delights, you stand a chance of contracting various germs and parasites if you are not careful.

Germs are everywhere, so are parasites which you cannot see with your eyes and might not know you have them until months or years later when they transition to a full-blown disease.

These Microscopic organisms can exist in drinking water or vegetables, meat and can ruin your health. Try to avoid eating local street foods that look unhealthy, contaminated water, undercooked meats or improperly washed fruits and vegetables. Also, bring some medication just in case.

Dancing with the bed bugs

Do not be deceived by the seemingly ‘new’ sheets on your hotel bed. Even if you are lodged in a newly inaugurated hotel, there is a chance that you will find bugs on the bed and sheets if you look hard enough.

Contrary to their name, bedbugs can exist almost anywhere, including luggage, clothing, or furniture. A bedbug can easily hitchhike from the seats on the bus into your luggage or from the hotel bed into your purse and then taking a ride back with you from the trip to infect your entire home.

So pay closer attention to the general clean state of the hotel and mattresses for bed bug infestation. If you happen to get bitten, make sure you wash the clothing you wore immediately or keep it separately from the rest.

Getting rid of them once you have them can save you extermination fees, furniture replacement, and laundry bills.

Nkem Ndem Vivienne,

Travel/Technology Writer, Jovago.

Mob. No: +234(0)7033853356


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