345-Pound Woman Makes Decision To Change Lifestyle And Her Transformation Is Incredible!


It’s rare that a day goes by when we don’t encounter some sort of ad, article, or video that focuses on weight loss. My social media feeds are inundated with special pills, powders, shakes, and food delivery services that promise to help the user lose weight. I even have friends that sell different types of these products, boasting of their results and showing their transformation photos as proof.

In reality, most of these products don’t work at all, or if they do work, it’s difficult to maintain the weight loss and have any sort of normal life. It’s impossible to live off chalky protein or superfood shakes for the rest of your life, and I have trouble believing that anyone would want to, even if it meant being thin. To lose weight and keep it off, you must be committed to changing your lifestyle of diet and exercise completely.

 Millions of people are overweight and there are many reasons why. Even as our knowledge of health and getting healthy increases, our lifestyles becomes more hectic. Fast food is easy, and well, fast. People have health problems that contribute to their weight issues and there are people out there like Tracy, the woman in this video.

Tracy struggled with her weight her entire life. She was bullied for her size and ate food to hide the pain, creating a vicious and uncontrollable cycle of weight gain. Tracy thought she would be overweight for her whole life. But, she decided to make an important change. She sought help from a trainer and learned to eat well and exercise. Now, Tracy looks like a completely different person. She enjoys sports and has even run a marathon!

Watch Tracy’s incredible transformation and like and share her story with someone who needs a little inspiration!

Source: Metaspoon



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