32-yr-old truck pusher in police net for raping of 9-yr-old girl


A serial rapist who has been defiling a nine year old daughter of his neighbour has now been apprehended.

Alloysius Ikejimba, a 32-year-old truck pusher, is now cooling his heels in the police cell after he was arrested for allegedly raping the 9-year-old daughter of his neighbour.

Reports have it that Ikejimba is a serial rapist who has been arrested several times before for the same crime and that he had raped the girl on more than four occasions before he was finally nabbed.

But the serial rapist wanted to play a fast one by getting the father of the girl arrested on allegations of threatening his life, not knowing the apple cart will be turned against him.

The distraught father of the victim identified as Kennedy, said the suspect usually defiled his daughter whenever she was taking her bath.

“My daughter normally complained to her mother, but the mother refused to tell me about it. He does it to her whenever she is taking her bath at the back of our house.

Unfortunately for him, two weeks ago, I was in the house and I saw my wife standing beside my daughter while she was taking her bath and I went and asked her what was happening she told me that my neighbour Alloy, had been defiling my daughter for a long time.

I confronted him and he started begging me. He ran away from his house and I did not see him for two weeks.

Few days ago, he brought the police to my house to arrest me, complaining that I was threatening his life.

When I came to the police station, I told them what he had done and they arrested him and took my child for medical check up.

The report is out and it has shown that she was defiled multiple times by Alloysus.”

But the suspect ha vehemently denied the allegation.

He said:

“We live in the same compound at Okokomaiko and I normally bath my child because my wife is not feeling very well.

She was shot last year during a robbery incident at Alaba International Market, where I also work.

The mother accused me of touching her child’s private part, but I only touched her head.

When the father confronted me, I told him that I did not do it. He took me before the community people and beat me up in their presence.

They begged him to allow me go, but he refused.”

Pulse.ng news: culled from: http://pulse.ng/gist/insanity-32-yr-old-truck-pusher-in-police-net-for-raping-of-9-yr-old-girl-id3522032.html


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