2019: Beware! Ayade Warns Against Nasty Schemes of Politicians

    Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State in Southern Nigeria, has sparked off a potentially hot controversy, saying power seekers and political elite in Nigeria are doing unwholesome things which are not in the best interest of citizens behind the scenes ahead of the 2019 elections.
    As a key a player in the politics of the country on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), he certainly knows what he is talking about. Those working closely with him say the governor is not pleased with the ”anti-people” actions of politicians in the country.
    Ayade was however, speaking ahead of the National Youth Day (NYD), charging young people to get more involved in the political processes in a bid to improve the country’s fortune as the current crop of politicians, according to him,  do not mean well for them.

    The governor who was speaking in Calabar, the state capital, is also charging Nigerian youths to engage in activities that are not only divine but truly just in all spheres of life.


    ”Politicians do not mean well for the youths. Don’t allow any politician to arm you to do that which is unjust because all of us politicians keep our children at home and go back and use you in the field to do what is unjust.Shame the devil and I want to say it on record, if you look at the history of my government so far, there has been no political killing or thuggery because I am a Catholic and I know what the Bible teaches us.”


    According to Governor Ayade, ”political killings and political witch hunting fine positions in government,. We will reduce the level of killings in our land. I know the theory and philosophy of reverse vengeance as the Bible teaches us clearly that when a man comes against you, show him love, when he shows you hatred, show him love because only love can drive out hatred.”


    Continuing, he charged youths to be strong and never be afraid of doing what is right before God and humanity adding, ”make sure you go out there and get your voters cards, be strong in government, penetrate every aspect of governance so that we can bring our ecclesiastical attitude and conduct to in high places in government.


    ”Youths must come together armed with the teachings of the holy books to do only that which is good for God, at the fullness of time we shall account for our deeds and living experiences on earth. See yourselves as the weapon, engine and instrumentality that will shun everything negative in your life”.



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