2015: PPA urges Abia natives to vote out PDP


Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA) has urged the people of Abia State to vote for the party to show their disaffection with the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The party stated this through its Chairman, Prince Emeka Okafor, after a meeting of members at the party office in Umuahia.

Okafor said there was no other party that could stand the popularity of PPA in the state and called on the people to vote en-masse for PPA in 2015 to redeem the lost years the PDP cankerworms and caterpillars had eaten.

He said: “As the party’s primary and congress are fast approaching, we are here to iron out things and inform our members that since election is around the corner, they should be more of fishermen to make sure that the party takes its position in Abia State. PPA is prepared for the election as well as preparing for the future, and that is why we are meeting often. You see, we have been out for some time because we know that this government will fail Abians, as we told the people earlier.”

He said the main reason the sitting governor ran away with the mandate of PPA was because the party saw that he was not going to perform and told him so.

“We said he should not run for a second tenure because of his non-performance which we observed in his first tenure. He said he was not performing because some stakeholders did not give him chance to work, which we knew was a total lie and we said, Ok, let us give him chance so that he would not say tomorrow that it was PPA that made his government to fail. But today, we are vindicated because his failure is all over the place.

“Now that Abians have seen that he cannot do more than he has done and the entire nation knows that he has failed below average, we decided to come out and prepare for next election.

“If you bring out somebody who failed the people, the best thing to do is to work out solution to save your face. That is why, we want to make this change that will redeem those mistakes we have made by bringing him out. We want to bring out a gentleman, a genuine human being that will transform Abia and redeem all that Abia had lost in the past seven and half years,” Okafor said.

He said the response of the people towards PPA’s outing was “heartwarming because PPA, as everybody knows has the structure, it is undeniable, even the so called PDP members of today, all came from PPA, everybody knows that. I know that many of them, who say that they are in PDP, have their hearts in PPA where they started. We are a party that believes in democracy and that the vote will count. The election is one man, one vote; we are not shaking about that.

“PPA is the only democratic party in Abia today, we are not zoning any position to any side but any Abian who is qualified to rule Abia should join PPA. If you know that you have what it takes to govern this state, you are welcome into PPA.  We have no fewer than four people who have shown interest to run for the governorship and about 30 people that are aspiring for House of Representatives.”

But I want to make it clear that the party has not taken decisions, as we want to go through the democratic processes, which is what I have promised Abians. It is going to be free and fair. I am calling on Abians to remain calm and support PPA. They have been calm for the past seven and half years, the remaining six months is nothing. I don’t want to preach violence in Abia,” he said.

Meanwhile, a chieftain of PPA, Chief Ndukwe Ikoh, has declared his intention to run for the governorship of the state in 2015.

He made his intention known in Umuahia during a meeting of PPA members, saying all the people wanted now was change no matter where it would come from.

He said the sitting governor had not done anything to bring the desired change to the people of Abia and that it was for that reason that he was volunteering himself to bring this change to Abia people.

Ikoh told party members that before the end of November, every Abian would be singing the song of PPA in the state.

According to him, PPA was not a party that believed in useless propaganda, but one that believed in hard work to take back its mandate. He assured the people that their sufferings would soon be a thing of the past under his administration.

Sourced from http://sunnewsonline.com/new/?p=88344


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