2015: Jonathan, good to go for another term – Ex-Minister


Former Minister of Culture and Tourism and chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi State, Ambassador Frank Ogbuewu has said that President Goodluck Jonathan deserves another term in office in 2015.

Speaking in Abuja in an interview, Ogbuewu, a one-time Nigerian Ambassador to Greece noted that those kicking against the reelection bid of Jonathan are only doing so for selfish reasons.

According to the PDP stalwart, anybody interested in the growth and development of Nigeria should know that Jonathan has done so well to the admiration of Nigerians to deserve a second term.

Ogbuewu said: “As far as I am concerned, not minding whatever some people are saying about him, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has done excellently well and he is eminently qualified to seek for another term in office. You are wrong to say that most Nigerians are of the belief that he is a clueless and non-performing President. It is not the belief of most Nigerians; rather, it is simply some few people who perhaps also want to be there that are saying that. It is those who does not appreciate good thing and only interested in themselves and not the general good of the country that will not want Jonathan to go for a second term. Otherwise, Jonathan performance in office has been quite impressive and wonderful. Despite the serious daunting security challenges, he didn’t lose focus. He has remained determined and committed to the actualization of his transformation agenda and he is delivering in his campaign promises. So, why can’t he ask for another term? Jonathan has worked very hard to improve the country’s economy. Our roads are now better. He has made innovations in the power sector which will certainly bring about improvement in power generation and supply. In fact, we are beginning to see some level of improvement and I believe that with time, power will become completely stable. We only need to be patient because this problem of power has been there for a very long time. But Mr. President is doing his best to change the situation. Also, after many years that our rail system has been in the doldrums, the Jonathan-led government has brought it back to life. Is it in the area of agriculture or education? As a matter of fact, his administration has made significant impact on the various segments of the country’s economy.”

While urging Nigerians to elect people that will have the interest of the country at heart in 2015, the former Minister said: “In all the various positions that will be contested for across the country, we should give our votes to only those that are God-fearing and we are sure that they are going to affect our lives positively. We must not sell our conscience in any way.

We must not allow people to deceive us. They will use everything to lure you. But please make sure you vote the right people. That is the only way you can enjoy the true dividends of democracy. I equally want to urge our youths not to allow themselves to be used for any form of violence before, during and after the elections. Any politician that want to use you for thuggery, please tell them to go and use their children. Your life as a youth should be very precious to you, and so, you must not succumb to the antics of the politicians who would want to use you to achieve their selfish goals. As for INEC, the electoral empire, they must leave no stone unturned to ensure a transparent, free and fair election in 2015. Adequate preparation must be made on their part to give Nigerians the best in the conduct of 2015 general elections.”


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