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I woke up yesterday in the morning with a playful desire to cause trouble. It was a Boxing Day after all so there was this mild harmless mischief in me. I was just strangely feeling within me a great thirst for a fight. May be because I felt my burgeoning muscles were due for a masculinity test. And fate duly obliged by granting me my risible wish.

It all happened in the evening yesterday. I was in my room typing on my system when someone nocked at the door. I opened. And in front of me stood one of my female friends, Diana- her face seaming with feminine rage.

‘Good evening Diana. What’s with that angry look on your face?’ I asked with a tinge of innocence and surprise.

‘So you honestly don’t know why?’ she retorted angry.

‘No I don’t. What is it?’

‘Common Dike please quit the act. It doesn’t suit you. Didn’t we agree we were going out on Christmas? Or have you developed amnesia all of a sudden?’

‘Oh! Yea we did’, I admitted, ‘but I couldn’t come because…..’

‘Because of Amarachi right?’ she took up the explanation, ‘You went out with her instead, isn’t it?’

‘Common Diana. What sort of baseless accusation was that?’ I countered.

‘Don’t you ever dare lie to our sister’s face again Dike, for you we all saw you with Amarachi yesterday’ came in angry voices. I looked up. And behold, it was Diana’s three elder brothers.

Unbeknownst to me, they were lurking just behind our building all along. And without saying anything more, they charged toward me and scythed me to the ground. What followed next were strings of both Spanish and Arabic blows in alternating succession. They were that determined to make a meal out of me.

‘Diana’ I cried out in great pain, ‘Please beg your brothers for me’

It was this loud and penetrating cry that called out some neighbours. But it was too late as my torturers had by now fled, satisfied that vengeance had been served for their sister.

Poor Dike!

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