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Aisha’s outburst over the alienation of core progressives in the APC fold, and overtaking of the same by certain Cabals in her husband’s government brings us to the Tinubu saga – the tactical and willful ex-communication of the Yoruba born-political-hurricane in the political Party he single-handedly built to wrestle power from the then ruling PDP.

Tinubu as was widely reported recently has been under severe and diplomatic attacks from men and women in the broom Party, owing to his perceived ever-growing political influence in the All Progressives Party since after the 2015 general elections, as every living being here accepts without doubts, it was his sole and unitary efforts that brought the All Progressives Congress to the centre of events in the country.

The ‘operation destroy Tinubu’ as it was codenamed was said to have started shortly after the APC won the last elections and he purportedly wanted designated individuals from his fold of the alliance that produced the President to be represented in the cabinet, but was promptly turned down by the powers that wanted him down and probably, wanted his political coats cut to size.

The second phase of Tinubu conundrum with his Party was said to have been blown-up when he publicly called for the resignation of Mr. Ibe Kachikwu, Nigeria’s minister of State for petroleum when the Minister publicly told Nigerians he was not a magician, following persistent fuel scarcity across the country then but was ignored; while the third was his recent call that chief Odigie John Onyegun, APC national chairman resign, following his alleged involvements in undemocratic practices in Ondo elections, but was again turned down by the Buharis. But I digressed.

The topic under discourse today is about the perceived scuffle between the President and his wife over the common good of all of us. It is about President Muhammadu Buhari’s bedroom and probably, other of his rooms already trending in the country and beyond. It is about Mrs. Aisha’s displeasure and latest outburst her husband’s government is run by cabals while alienating core elements of Progressive Campaigns.

Mrs. Aisha, wife of the President for 27 years and daughter of the first ever Nigeria’s Minister of defense, who is a mother of five for the number one citizen of the country, few day ago crawled out of her cocoons and lashed at her husband, not in privacy but in the open, about what most Nigerians are no longer whispering but shouting – her husband’s government under performance.

Mrs. Aisha who chose to ‘spill the beans’ in her hubby’s absence, to many political watchers is a trail blazer and a quintessence, as her position only re-echoes the voice of the Nigerian people who are currently undergoing the most horrible moments of their lives owing to the ripple and heavy effects of the economic situation we have found ourselves.

Mrs. Buhari, just like many other strong voices, as drawn from diverse works of life such as religion, politics, social and economic spheres, ignored implications and dammed whatever would-be-consequences of her ingenuity and registered her grievances over the state of affairs and economy of the nation, which has undoubted predisposed the country to both untold and untoward circumstances.

Mrs. Aisha, the Supposed first lady of the country, even though Mr. president said he would not recognize such office throughout his reign, summoned a hard-to-find courage and traveled on a path no first lady has ever traveled upon and told her husband his government has been under the clutches of a certain cabal, who seat in the comfort of their rooms and determine what and how the destiny of our dear nation is steered.

She however, accused her hubby, our number one citizen of running a government with a cabinet recruited by unseen hands, who never shared in the progressive ideology of the APC, nor contributed an inch in campaigning and delivering her husband up for governance, while saying the core progressives have been alienated and sidelined after investing much efforts in forming the government.

But Mr. President who was in far Germany, upon receiving her wife’s outburst and displeasure over the state of affairs here, dashed Aisha’s comments with a wave of the hand, while describing her as no politician, but belonging to his kitchen, living room and other rooms – a statement that has dominated the social media since past few days.

Since that incident, Mr. president’s handlers have promptly come out to trivialize Buhari’s response to his wife’s outrage, while describing it as ‘banter’ having known its implications in a world where women are currently canvassing for equality between all genders. The aides wondered if Buhari’s position as a president has dissociated him from humanity as he owns a right to make jokes.

Mr. Garba Shehu, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant on media and publicity was the first to say Mr. President was only trying to make something comic out of the wife’s outburst, while saying as one of the closest staff-workers to Buhari, the President makes a lot of comical relieves as ‘all work without play makes jack a dull boy.’

But whatever the shield and defenses built around President Buhari for coming down heavily on the wife, two things are most assuredly clear to Nigerians as regards our current state. First, it is the widely accepted belief the government of Change has yet to change and touch lives as promised since inception. Secondly, Mrs. Aisha’s comment is a patriotic and obvious submission that can withstand the test of time any day, any time.

It is therefore, on this premise one would give credits to Mrs. Aisha for her outspokenness and demonstration of both love and care for the Nigerian people whom her husband and family have undertaken to serve for the period voted for during the last general elections. It is also at this juncture one would enjoin other leaders across the world to draw a lesson from the current happen-stance in Nigeria.

Mrs. Aisha’s remark at this challenging movement of the country is a trouble within and inside President Muhammadu Buhari’s kitchen, bedroom and other rooms as Mrs. Aisha would help the rest of Nigerians who can barely have access to their president remind her husband at every juncture – that Nigerians are suffering and need the promised change delivered without long tales from his aids.

Aisha has done what most first ladies shied away from accepting about their husbands and has quite acceptably spoken the mind of most Nigerians who are grumbling and groaning in major Nigerian streets over the shape of things since the present administration took over the reign of power from the Peoples Democratic Power.

Mr. Buhari must therefore, sit up at this point and do the needful as the nation wait endlessly for the resuscitation and revival of the country’s economy. Nigerians on the other hand must speak out and come together to wrestle the current situation like we jointly did to Ebola for “In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends,” Martin Luther King Jr.

Gwiyi Solomon writes from Abuja.
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