Kachikwu’s Crocodile Smile in the Petroleum Industry


Firstly, animals are not known to possess human qualities of either dancing or smiling. Both attributes are the exclusive traits and characteristics of human beings; safe in personification, literally.

Secondly, Animals are simply animals. Human beings are well, substantially differentiated from them through our size of brain, ability to think and capacity to discern between what constitute a thriller and agony.

Neither a Crocodile nor pythons possess such outstanding features ascribed to humanity by the unseen Being. And never would they acquire such, even in their next generation.

But to think of it, how on earth would a Crocodile smile? It is practically an impossible mission. Its physique and general outlook does not confer it with such notion. Except they finally do so in the South west and the South-South region as we have been told.

The only aphorism traceable to the two distinct creatures – human and crocodile was when the saying a human being shedding “crocodile tears” came to fore.

And as a matter of reason, the saying above – crocodile tears – goes to suggest everything pretense. It portrays one as living in self delusion. And then, presents him as behaving or saying the opposite of what he or she meant – Irony.

And if the position above is accepted as verity, then crocodile smile will mean a kind of smile with every stint and kits of treachery, fiction and dishonesty; my opinion, nothing else

And if the above submission of mine is as well certified correct, then Ibe Kachikwu, Nigeria’s Minister of State for petroleum and Chairman of the NNPC board, a thorough – bred and one of the brightest technocrats in the country is under siege.

Ibe is in trouble as I write. He has been hung for long, ‘skeletally’ as a minister of petroleum without adequate freedom to exercise the powers of his office.

His efforts as a minister and his promise to resign if by 2019 Nigeria has not stopped refining petroleum abroad must have been  undergoing attacks by a group of cabal who have sworn to thwart every of the oil Guru’s footprint.

That is to say, Ibe must, therefore have been beaming crocodile smiles each time we saw him coming out of executive sessions either of the FEC or that of the NNPC board with all the good promises of better oil sector he inundates us with.

With a baggage of worries and barrage of bottle-neck, following antagonisms and frustrations by a python, probably dancing against every established rules and standard, Ibe was nearing bounding corners; safe his latest outcry.

At the moment, processes have been dumped in the dustbins at the NNPC, while protocols suspended as reported by Kachikwu himself during a protest letter to President Muhamadu Buhari a few days agos. Oversight functions have been jettisoned, and superiority relegated to the background for personal interest for whatever reasons.

The NNPC has turned a house divided against itself as things have fallen apart. And any house divided against itself can never stand. As it stands, the centre has busted and can no longer hold.

But that is not new to APC anyway, as the party already immersed itself into in-fighting and backlash since coming on board few years ago. Since 2015 precisely, there has never been cohesion and unity among governmental agencies here.

Each agency antagonizes one another while working at each other’s cross purposes. Just as sister-agencies report to themselves and decide on what to do without recourse to the fact they are serving one central boss.

This brings us to the question of how one can justify the EFCC versus DSS encounter in one government. This also answers the question of why Prof. Itse Sagey battles APC chieftains without effect, when caught in the web of derailment. And today, it is the minister of petroleum versus the group managing Director, NNPC, Mr. Maikanti Baru. What a government!   

In the end, government must speedily look into Kachikwu’s complaints and letter and respond appropriately before it is too late. The Delta State born Technocrat must not be dragged into the mucky and muddy political waters of Nigeria, as he deserves a better deal than what he is getting presently in Buhari administration.

Gwiyi Solomon


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