Fayose’s Theatrics Is an Assault on the Integrity of Ekiti People – Apapo Odo


An Ekiti based youth socio cultural group, Apapo Odo Ekiti has condemned in strong terms Governor Ayodele Peter Fayose for his repeated uncivilized and unbecoming conduct as the number one citizen of Ekiti State which is a denigration of the exalted office of a Governor.

The group said that it was “ashamed and ridiculed by the show of shame exhibited by Governor Ayodele Fayose in transforming Ekiti state government house into a Nollywood film shooting location by his theatrics of putting up a neck collar as a consequence of the alledged shooting of tear gas by the Nigeria police to disperse a gathering of people which posed security risk at the entrance of the Ekiti State Government house.

“For our collective education and information, the Ekiti State Government house is the patrimony of the good people of Ekiti State irrespective of political, religious and ethnic affiliation, but unfortunately Mr. Fayose has continued to assault the collective will of the people of Ekiti State by his deficit of respect, etiquette and decorum by transforming the state house into a political party campaign ground”.

By assembling a crowd of partisan political supporters at the entrance of the Ekiti State government house, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, has intentionally undermined the security of the office of Governor and the people of Ekiti State which is an assault on his constitutional oath, the group said in a statement.

However, Comrade Adeyanju Fagbemi commended the Nigeria Police Force led by DIG Habila Joshak for living up to it’s constitutional responsibility of maintenance of law and order by dispersing the provocative and unruly crowd allegedly instigated by Mr. Ayodele Fayose with minimal force in a civilized manner.

“We are hereby using this medium to call on the good people of Ekiti State not to be hoodwinked to fail in exercising their constitutional right on Election Day or be incited to violence by this agent provocateur of a Governor.

“We call on the good people of Ekiti State to be resolute in exercising their franchise on election day for the candidate of their choice based on integrity and merit without fear or favour”, Fagbemi added.

However, Femi Aborisade, human rights lawyer has voiced his own divergent view on what happened, insisting that “if Governor Fayose’s claim is true, i condemn the repression of the PDP rally by the Police in the same way in which i condemned the undemocratic attack on the right of freedom of movement of some APC Governors who wanted to attend the APC rally in support of former Governor Fayemi in 2014.

“Our courts have pronounced that Nigerians have the right to protest and embark on rallies peacefully without police permit. While the police have the right to arrest any protester who infringes on the law in the course of rallies, the police have no right to decree that protesters must first obtain police permit.

“The APC government should not take us back to the dark days of the military. We reject that statement and the repression of the PDP rally in EKITI state as undemocratic, barbaric, totalitarian, backward, illegal and unconstitutional.

“If the police can prevent peaceful rallies led by a Governor, ordinary people, students and workers would be more viciously repressed”, he said.


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