#Ekiti 2018: Olisa Agbakoba To Announce NIM Candidate In Ekiti


The Nigeria Intervention Movement (NIM) has confirmed its intention to intervene in the coming Ekiti state gubernatorial election by engaging candidates and throwing its support behind a preferred candidate.

The movement in a Town Hall Meeting in Ado Ekiti Chaired by Prof Anthony Kila, a member of the National Steering Committee and the State Coordinator Mr Moses Jolayemi revealed that it was going give its members in Ekiti an indication of vote.

The State Coordinator announced that the committee headed by Prof Anthony Kila had presented its findings and recommendations and the movement now has a clear idea of who to endorse.

Prof Kila confirmed that the movement has engaged candidates from various parties with the cardinal points of NIM and the candidate that the movement will announce is the one that the committee found to be the most aligned with the cardinal points of NIM.

The state coordinator Moses Jolayemi noted that the over 100,000 NIM members and supporters in the 16 Local Government areas of Ekiti are waiting to know which candidate’s programmes and philosophies best encapsulate the desires and aspirations of the people of the state.

To make the announcement, the apex level of NIM leadership made up of the co-chairmen, Dr Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, Dr Tafawa Balewa and the NIM DG Comrade Olawale Okuniyi among other members of the national steering committee will be in Ado Ekiti to announce NIM’s candidate for the election.

Speaking further, Kila noted that the process of identifying the right candidate to support after due process is in line with NIM’s objectives of identifying and promoting the right people for office in Nigeria. We cannot continue the way we are doing things in this country. We are looking for people with real desire and ability to serve and not just to be served.

According to Kila “Starting from Ekiti and then to the whole of Nigeria, NIM is going to help citizens employ the right office holders in all spheres of government, so it is safe to say we are going to employ the next governor for Ekiti and that we see such Governor as a CEO. Our choice has nothing to do with partisan affiliation but strictly on merit of the individual candidate” he concluded. Moses Jolayemi noted that  to that effect there should be no surprise if NIM supported a candidate in party A in Ekiti and another in Osun or elsewhere belonging to another party.

In concluding, Jolayemi said knowing that political parties in the country are only different in names, NIM has resolved to recruit individuals to elective positions not based on party affiliation but capacity to deliver on good governance.


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