Who should I choose?

Dear Auntie Dora, I can no longer keep this to myself because age is now telling on me. I am a lady of 32years and yet to decide on who to marry. It was all rosy for me when I met Charles 5years older than m... Full Story...

The Mandela Example

      The recent hospitalization of Madiba Nelson Mandela, 94, brings to sharp focus the whole idea that at one point or the other, we all have to face our mortality. Put in very blu... Full Story...

Re: Should Nigeria be re-colonized?

My article on the above (May 23 2013) elicited tons of responses, almost all favouring bringing them back (sense of shame will not even allow me to mention who ‘them’ here refers to). One surprising thing is that even responses from intellectuals also favour our asking ‘them’ to come back in one way or the other.