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Ramadan is a holy month when Muslims across the world fast in commemoration of the first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Mohammed (SAW) according to Islamic belief. It is an injunction strictly adhered to worldwide, seeing how this almost sparked a controversy when Mohammed Salah, Liverpool and Egyptian player vowed to complete the day’s fasting during their crucial Champions League final match against Real Madrid in Kiev.

However, as important as this religious rite is, it is hard keeping fresh breath throughout the day. We won’t want to get close to God while discomforting our neighbours; would we? Since the inception of the fast, I have had cause to discuss and relate with some of my Muslims friends, while little have found their way around keeping a fresh breath all through the day, it is distressing to note that many still haven’t discovered the magic of staying fresh during this holy month.

As we look forward to entering the last week of the Ramadan, here are some tips that will keep us in good shape not only with God, but also with our neighbours who we’ll have to talk, gist, transact, and work with.

First, we have to know things that cause bad breath, when we do; we’ll have half of the problem solved. So for the rest of the fasting month, stay away from smoking. Smoking can cause bad breath directly and indirectly. Smoking leaves smoke particles in the throat and the lungs. The smell of cigarette can linger for hours in the lungs, gifting your neighbours with that smoke scent. And we wouldn’t want that, do we?

Then, we must consider critically the type of food and drink we take during this period. Foods that are overly garnished with onions, garlic and some spices may cause the breath to smell after consuming them.

Other things that can cause bad breath include Medications; medication that causes a dry mouth or nose is more likely to cause bad breath. Poor denture hygiene, people who don’t clean themselves properly and regularly have bad breath. Then, illnesses, conditions and situations can also bring about bad breathe.


So, how do we beat this?

It should be noted that the causes of bad breath is largely poor hygiene. Therefore, we should work at maintaining good oral hygiene by cleaning the mouth of bacteria and food remnants.

  • After brushing with toothpaste, you can consider using a mouthwash, especially the ones that come with mint that last for a long time.
  • Try cleaning the Tongue: gently clean the tongue twice daily is another effective way to keep bad breath in control.
  • Drink plenty of water out of the hours of fasting, drinking small sips but in regular frequency.
  • They can rinse out their mouth with water (as long as no water is swallowed intentionally), most Muslims will perform this act three times each time they perform ablution before offering obligatory prayers.
  • Brush a minimum of twice a day for 2 minutes especially after those big iftārs and before you go to bed, clean your tongue and drink plenty of fluids whenever you can. Rinse the mouth frequently during the fast without swallowing any water keeping your mouth wet and stimulating saliva.
  • Have a healthy sohour of veggies and fruits: Eating fresh vegetables and fruits have proven to cleanse the teeth naturally. It works on clearing plaques and food residues that has antioxidant properties that are needed for a decent oral health.

Did I hear thank you? What are friends for?

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