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The official shops of Premier League clubs sell everything you could ever want with your team’s badge or colours on it.

Some are tacky, some are naff, some are just plain odd, and some you secretly want.

Here’s a look at 15 of the most weird and wonderful items…

15. West Bromwich Albion Clothes Pegs – £2.99

West Brom

Really? West Bromwich Albion official clothes pegs.

Hang your clothes out to dry with the safety and security of a Tony Pulis drilled defence. Maybe you could even name and number each one. Darren Fletcher, Claudio Yacob, Jonny Evans…you know Saido Berahino will be the one that goes missing.

14. Sunderland Stadium Trainers – £19.99 (reduced)


The word ‘naff’ doesn’t quite cover these Sunderland stadium trainers (what on earth does ‘stadium’ even mean in the context of trainers?), available in both white and black.

Maybe if they were red and white striped they could be classed as a fun novelty. But these are definitely, and unfortunately, serious.

13. Bournemouth Brandy Glass – £14.99 (reduced)


All Premier League sides sell some form of glassware, but at Bournemouth it’s a little classier than your average tumbler or pint glass. The Cherries offer branded brandy glasses at their store, while it’s even possible to get champagne flutes as well.

12. Hull City PS4 Console Skin – £14.99


A lot of clubs sell these console skins so your PS4 or Xbox can be kitted out in team colours. But there are none more striking (or ‘striping’!) than Hull’s amber and black tiger design.

It’s not the most subtle item in the world, although there can be no mistaken loyalties.

11. Leicester City ‘Champions’ Festival Wrist Band – £1


Leicester have quite a nice ‘Champions’ range in their official store, yet it also features a rather pointless festival-style wrist band. This won’t get you into any festival, though.

It’s only £1 but it just screams ‘trying too hard to be on trend’.

10. Manchester City Luxury Aftershave Gift Set – £30

Manchester City

Where on earth would you be without your official Manchester City luxury aftershave gift set?

One would hope that with all the money flowing at the Etihad all the City players are issued with a set just like it after each game to smell their absolute best.

But just how many did Joe Hart take with him to Torino?

9. Southampton Salt & Pepper Shakers – £7


You can have football club branded anything these days and Southampton haven’t missed a trick by selling salt and pepper shakers to loyal Saints fans.

Your kitchen or dining table wouldn’t be complete without them and they also bring real football a little closer to the old art of using table condiments for tactical analysis.

8. Tottenham Hotspur Cockerel Tinsel – £2.50 (reduced)


It’s nearly Christmas! Why not decorate your house and everything you own in Tottenham Hotspur tinsel complete with little cockerels. Or perhaps don’t.

At £2.50 for a piece of tinsel, this horribly tacky stuff isn’t cheap for what it is. And that price is 50% off the original as well!

7. West Ham United Musical Bottle Opener – £8

West Ham

Open your bottles to the sound of West Ham anthem ‘Blowing Bubbles’.

Club badge and colours, good. Musical, bad. For £8 you could source eight cheap bottle openers and place them in rooms all over your house so you’ll always have one close by.

6. Chelsea Stamford the Lion Golf Headcover – £25


Protecting your the heads of your golf clubs is a good idea. Protecting the heads of your golf clubs with a subtle nod to your favourite football team could be pretty cool.

But protecting the heads of your golf clubs with a £25 Stamford the Lion cover, even for a die-hard Chelsea fan, is neither good nor cool.

5. Swansea City Rubber Duck – £4.99


This Swansea rubber duck is both weird and utterly pointless and yet it feels as though bath time absolutely would not be as good without it.

What’s slightly disappointing is that is definitely a duck and not actually a swan.

4. Manchester United Phil Jones SoccerStarz Figurine – £4

Manchester United

This writer would probably quite like a miniature Daley Blind figurine to place on a nightstand or to have as a desk mascot. Manchester United fans can also get various members of last season’s squad from the club’s official store, and most bear at least vague likeness to their real life counterparts.

But the Phil Jones one, with its male model good looks, definitely does not.

3. Stoke City Knitted Dog Jumper – £15


Most Premier League clubs have a ‘Pet’ section within their official stores.

For most that’s a few different sized collars, some leads and maybe a bowl. For Stoke it’s also this knitted jumper so your dog can both be warm and a Potter at the same time.

The fact that it’s knitted definitely adds something.

2. Liverpool Jurgen Klopp Bobblehead – £20


Bobbleheads are a fairly common baseball thing, which is perhaps where the influence comes from for a Jurgen Klopp version at Liverpool given that the American owners at Anfield also run the Boston Red Sox.

That this figurine has a little bit of a Woody Allen thing going on, is less easily explained.

1. Arsenal Men’s Kit Pyjamas – £30


‘Kit Pyjamas’ are the kind of thing that would be considered cute if they were for children, but Arsenal’s official store also stocks an adult version for full grown men.Your wife or girlfriend will be so pleased.

Not only that, to wear the same colours to bed as Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez wear on the pitch, it will set fans back £30.\

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